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Code of Conduct

With a growing Reflex community, we are introducing a code of conduct. Please take your time to read it. It will be standard around the Reflex online community.


Is Cool

  • We are all people. When communicating online, be it on the forums, Discord or in-game, act the same as you would when communicating in real life.

  • Being nice to newcomers. Everyday, new people are discovering Reflex. Be helpful to them, teach them the ways of Reflex. Doing this ensures you have others to play with in the future!

  • Giving Constructive criticism. When giving feedback on someone else’s hard work, be sure to deliver it in a constructive and beneficial way. Think about how you would act in their shoes before posting your thoughts. We want to encourage a competitive but supportive community.

  • Discussing game changes. We love to hear about the experiences you have in-game. Keeping these stories factual and constructive is the best way to have your thoughts heard and to give us effective feedback we can use to improve the game.

  • Praising content creators. Play a map you really enjoyed? Tell the author! Found a new UI script which did just what you need? pay your respects! Love that Reflex recent stream? Tell the streamers! When people feel they are delivering good content and are given good feedback, they’ll be more likely to make more in the future.

  • Reading an entire discussion before you comment on it. Get a good idea of what’s being discussed before jumping in and adding your thoughts.

  • Keeping your personal disagreements in a private channel. Not everyone in life gets along. If you have a personal disagreement in regards to another member, address it in private chat, no-one else needs to hear your argument.

  • Keeping private discussions, private. If you’re having a private discussion with someone, respect their privacy and keep it to yourself. Don’t go copy & pasting private discussion publicly.

  • Respecting the moderators. We respect and appreciate our moderators, and our players must do the same. If you are kicked or banned for any reason, take a step away from the computer and think about it, before posting any immediate knee-jerk reactions that you may later regret. Please thank moderators for the useful support they bring to the Reflex community.


Is NOT Cool

  • Illegal activity.

  • Being rude or menacing. We don’t tolerate toxic or abusive behaviour.

  • Trolling. Either online or in real life, trolling does not contribute to the conversation. Deliberately baiting other members of the community is not appropriate. Remember, every time an active member of the community is driven away, Reflex suffers.

  • Conducting personal attacks, harassment and insulting others. Personal attacks and insults do not add anything to the conversation and will not be tolerated.

  • Reposting deleted information. If something was deleted, let it stay deleted – it was removed for a reason.

  • Excessive spam. Repeatedly posting irrelevant content adds nothing to the conversation and is not appropriate.

  • Inappropriate Images or links. Posts of a pornograhic, racist, sexist, abusive or aggressive nature will not be tolerated.

  • Excessively promoting other products. This is a place for Reflex discussion. While it’s fine to discuss other titles, excessively spamming/ advertising is not appropriate.


The Reflex team (including moderators) can issue a single warning to a player or poster. If inappropriate behavior continues, the player will be banned and removed. If the action is egregious and causes serious harm or distress to our community, the player may be banned or removed with no warning.

If you have any questions or feedback on our code of conduct, email