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Official 2v2 TDM Mapping Competition

2v2 map

We’re running a 2v2 TDM mapping competition! We’re looking for the best 2v2 map which will then receive a full art pass and become the next official Reflex map.


  • 1st prize: AU$500 + your map will receive a visual pass from developers (new meshes, effects etc. will be made) and be made an official map. You will be fully credited as the original layout author.
  • 2nd prize: AU$150
  • 3rd prize: AU$50

What to do:

  • We’re looking for a 2v2 map layout  we are judging based on layout only.
  • You are able to do some visuals if you wish to imply visual ideas, the theme is industrial sci-fi.
  • Replays of matches on the final version welcomed and encouraged.

How to enter:

  • Create your map & submit to workshop.
  • To officially enter reply to this thread with a link to your workshop map.
  • If you’re after additional feedback, create a thread for your map in the mapping forum.


  • Existing maps can be submitted
  • No ports, we’re looking for new maps & you must own the map.
  • Team submissions allowed, see legal section.

Entries close:

  • Midnight UTC September 18th

How judging works:

  • Judging will be ran from September 19th to September 25th.
  • We’ll have a public forum thread where anyone can vote for their favourite map.
  • We’ll have community judges privately voting their top 3 maps as well.
  • Official judging will be done by Turbo Pixel, we’ll take all votes into account and announce the winner on September the 28th.


  • In order to accept 1st prize all contributing parties for the map will need to sign a legal document to assign non-exclusiverights for Turbo Pixel Studios to use your map layout. This allows Turbo Pixel to ship it in the final game, while it allows you to use your map layout in another game if desired.


The judges are in: Crazyal, Dacra, Draqu, Kovaak and Terifire thanks to our judges for helping! <3


Good luck! Let the mapping commence!


Entries are: