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Reflex 0.45.1

A minor update for some fixes and additions.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed potential spinlock bug on load
  • Supporter morning star now attaches properly
  • Fixed Sentinel ragdoll skinning bug
  • Removed eye effect from player (was attached incorrectly + not compatible with new robots)
  • Fixed silhouette colours of teammates when playing team modes on zeta
  • Fixed UI issue where a invalid inventory selection caused button to disappear


  • Vertical coloured bar next to people on scoreboard
  • Item drop now bold text & has sound effect
  • re_setentityproperty now sets properties on all key frames until property changes.

Plasma effects:

  • Fixed plasma impact decal projection radius
  • Reduced smoke duration in plasma projectiles on high quality effects
  • Increased plasma projectile light radius on high quality effects
  • Tweaked light attenuation on plasma projectiles and impact effects

Egypt Theme:

  • Pottery
  • Palm tree
  • Pillars