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Reflex 0.45.2

Just a quick build to address some critical issues and improvements. Egyptian theme now has a spear mesh!


  • Added sv_allowcallvotemapmode
  • Disabled match picker UI combo box when not sourcing maps from workshop (as it only works when using maps from workshop)
  • Increased max mesh limit from 16k -> 20k
  • Added spear mesh for Egyptian theme

General bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash when entering profile screen on DX10.0 cards
  • Fixed crash when awarding daily XP bonus if steam stats were not yet received
  • Removed some resource re-creation occurring on resize window which seemed to be causing issues (seen in reported crashes).
  • Added checks around workshop map query which seemed to be causing issues (seen in reported crashes).

Replay editor:

  • re_setentityproperty now correctly applies instantly. (wasn’t working on some fields like worldspawn team colour)
  • Fixed issue where replay camera was using incorrect view height (caused issues on stairs)
  • Fixed issue where simulation time was slightly out of sync from replay time
  • Fixed issue where player interpolation was still occurring on top of extrapolation in replays (caused additional unwanted movement)