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Reflex 0.45



0.45.0 is our character & animation update. We’ve decided to split training into another release. This allows us to deliver the character & animation build earlier. Training will become 46, I’ll update the road map thread shortly.

Character Customisation:

  • We’ve added character customisation where you can mix & match different robot parts.
  • There are now 5 robots: hostile, dedlock, sentinel, tracker & hornet.
  • We’ve changed player colouring so you CAN set your own colour in non-team modes
  • Added a “glow color” you can now specify

Implemented new animations:

  • We’ve done a full animation pass.
  • We’ve added additive animations so the player smoothly looks around now.
  • We’ve added IK so player feet stand on ground / ramps correctly
  • We’ve added ragdoll (configurable in game options)
  • We’ve made the feet lead to and pull away from the ground when jumping to make bunny hopping look “real”

Drop system:

  • Standard melees & robot parts now have a chance of dropping at the end of a match.

Grenade Launcher:

  • Grenade launcher has received it’s art pass.


  • We’ve added +crouch
  • It does change the hitbox, it’s a smooth transition from big<->small
  • When crouched you move slower
  • You can crouch in the air, so you can jump into small gaps.


  • Cleaned up color overrides to be cl_colors_relative, cl_colors_enemy, cl_colors_friend. Color overrides only work when you are playing. When you are spectating it always uses the team color (or players color if not in team game)
  • Profile UI now shows if you have multiple of an item
  • Updated in-game roadmap
  • Silhouettes can now be any colour
  • Gibs/ragdoll colours & silhouette colours are now updated when you change team / colour override settings
  • Added workshop buttons to title in scoreboard
  • Clicking map title on scoreboard takes you to workshop
  • Now get +10xp for a kill
  • Carnage effect no-longer makes player go black. (helps with readability)
  • Shotgun experimental now in core game
  • Plasma experimental now in core game
  • Flag Drag experimental now in core game

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed time-code display in replay editor

Known issues:

  • No swim animations yet
  • Golden morning star isn’t attaching correctly, will fix in first point release