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Reflex 0.46.0



Today we’re releasing version 46. This version adds the training game mode.

Training allows you to practice your movement, aiming & dodging and compete against your friends. We’ve added turrets which shoot at you (which can be disabled by shooting them). We’ve got targets which can move around the world and explode in to pieces. We’ve added tokens to collect and finally leaderboards at the end of the mission where you can test your time vs your friends.

All these building blocks are fully available in our map editor, and we’re very much looking forward to see people use them in their workshop maps!

This build also includes many experimental update including the return of the much requested stake launcher. It’s had all it’s previous bugs ironed out and we’re eager to see people use it. We’ve also updated experimental to more closely match the competitive ruleset (as that’s generally the players who use it), and we’ve also tweaked the knockback to deliver a more consistent experience.

On top of this we’ve done an art pass on the rocket launcher and shotgun. We also snuck in a couple extra melee’s and robot pieces. The highly anticipated supporter crowbar will make an appearance too!

Finally I got to add a friends list to the home screen which I’ve been itching to get to for some time, it is very useful!

Art Improvements:

  • Weapon: rocket launcher art pass
  • Weapon: shotgun art pass
  • New melee: sickle
  • New melee: khopesh
  • New melee: supporter crowbar
  • New piece: droid head & droid head angry
  • New piece: spark head
  • New piece: gear head
  • Added sphinx head mesh – Promeus request
  • Revised robot glow colours
  • Added meshes: gothic books – MAD_JIHAD request
  • Updated falling icon – MAD_JIHAD request

UI Improvements:

  • No ammo warning added to LowAmmo widget
  • Timer widget now has flag to count up/down
  • WeaponRack Widget now has toggle vertical option (on = default, off = horizontal)
  • Added showPassword option to Connect dialog
  • Added friends list, steam friends added rich presence
  • Node selection combo in MatchPicker for LOCAL maps (i.e. not steam maps) now works
  • Map editor toolbar now shows lighting button & progress
  • Map editor toolbar updated to new widgets

Lua additions:

  • Exposed weaponIndexChangingTo to lua
  • Added ability to give a textRegion focus from lua

Game fixes:

  • Melee attack is now server authored
  • Fixed bug where -mouse5 wasn’t triggered properly with cl_input_subframe 1
  • Workshop publish button no-longer crashes when not connected to steam

Experimental updates:

  • Removed timers from experimental, removed powerup drop from experimentaltdm — idea is experimental is made for competitive players.
  • Changed splash fall-off to be linear & lowered the minimum splash damage greatly. Essentially now splash radiuses will be larger but should do similar knockback to before.
  • When applying splash damage in air it always obeys splash direction (rather than rocket direction). i.e. it’ll knock you away from point of impact
  • Added experimental_stake ruleset
  • Burst gun reload changed from 650 to 750
  • Burst gun projectile speed changed from 3000 to 3500
  • Grenade trace radius changed from 2 to 1
  • Grenade explosion radius changed from 128 to 150
  • Rocket trace radius changed from 0 to 1
  • Rocket explosion radius changed from 112 to 120
  • Ioncannon ground knockback multiplier changed from 1.8 to 1.25
  • Ioncannon air knockback multiplier changed from 1.3 to 1.7
  • Ioncannon beam radius changed from 1 to 0.5
  • Ioncannon beam damage is 6
  • Bolt Rifle lowammo warning changed from 5 to 3
  • Bolt Rifle maxammo changed from 20 to 10
  • Bolt Rifle weapon included ammo changed from 10 now 5
  • Bolt Rifle ammo pickup changed from 5 to 3
  • TDM weapon respawn time 20 seconds (we’re looking to separate 2v2 & 4v4 tdm modes in the future)
  • Ioncannon now has idle sound
  • Bolt Rifle now has idle sound

Map editor training entities:

  • Pickup Training Token – new pickup type
  • EntityTriggerVolume – output “links” when player enter/exits region
  • EntityMessage – input “links” to show/hide or display message for 3 seconds
  • EntityGoal – input “link” which flags a goal that needs to be done to complete training
  • EntityAccumulator – input “link” which counts, output “link” which fires when count reached
  • EntityTurret – self explanitory I hope
  • EntityShootable – self explanitory I hope
  • EntityExit – input “link” which indicates training has ended

For an example of the training entities, please check out the training maps !


Cheers guys, have fun!