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Reflex 0.46.1

Just a quick patch today to fix some critical issues, and address some initial feedback. Turrets will now damage you in training and race mode, so try them again and see how you go!



  • Turrets now properly reset on callvote restart
  • Turrets now properly damage players in training + race gamemode
  • Fixed bug where it says you obtained this time on an older version even if you’ve never played it
  • Grenades will no longer explode when they hit the wrong target type
  • Hitting 3 rocket targets in a row will now award precision
  • Hitting all pellets on a shotgun target will now award point blank
  • Shooting multiple bolt targets will now award double penetration
  • Changing to editor now disqualifies your run from the leaderboards


  • Experimental ruleset timelimits now same as competitive timelimits
  • Stake launcher: projectile speed was 4000 now 3000, reload time was 1250ms now 1100ms, stake damage was 110 now 100, stake gravity was 700 now 600, stake projectile is now glowing hot to be more visible


  • Added ammo LODs for performance gains
  • Turret art: fixed triangulation on guard panels, originally designed holes now visible


  • Reduced state text size in friends list
  • Friends list sort should now be consistent