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AU Newb Tournament #1


Australia Newb Tournament #1

By Thaylia

So I am going to be doing an Australian Newb Tournament on a Sunday night. August 7th 7.30 pm AEST.

I thought it would be a good thing to give some of the new and low skill players a chance to participate in a tournament, as we would never be able to enter a proper duel cup. It’s a chance to have some fun, laughs and show that you can at least be the best out of the newbs. ;)


It’s going to be a quick one. I only plan to have 6 players completing. The details are:

1st round: 6 players in a FFA on Static Discharge

2nd round: 4 players in Instagib

3rd round: 2 player duel on The Catalyst

In competitive mode. No use of item timers in this mode.


All players will receive a steam key to give to another new(b) friend. Winner will receive either a normal melee weapon or a robot body part of their choice.

ZTK has offered to stream and I am lucky enough to have Profanum and Phylum casting it :D

So if you are interested in playing, please let me know and I’ll duel you to make sure you’re not a pro in disguise B). If you know someone, please dob them in… just kidding. Please see if they would like to play.

If people have fun and it turns out well, I might do another one too.


This has been moved to August 7th now.



  1. Cooledcannon (not 100%)
  2. Oldmate
  3. Vinty
  4. Lewen
  5. Lunt
  6. Fam Fam


  1. Kemorg
  2. Medatsu
  3. Exit

Final Results

1st – Vinty
2nd – Lewen
3rd – fam fam, Exit
5th – Oldmate. cooledcannon