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King of America #2

King of America #2

By Kev!

It is time to dethrone King Thump4 and his three knights: lolograde, Santile, and Hoyt!

I would like to personally call out KovaaK, sane, Necrophag1st, and guilt to participate in this event!

King of America #2

Prizes based on donation and support from the players and fans from all around the world!

Prizes increase the incentive for more players to join!

Donate Here!

$58.20 in Prizes paid to a top 4 payout.

  1. 50%
  2. 20%
  3. 15%
  4. 10%

5% from each event will be contributed to the Championship pot that will be held sometime in the future.

Donations: lolograde ($8.20), Matt ($50)

DATE: Sunday, September 18, 2016

TIME: 1100 (pacific) 1400 (eastern) – Check-in at 0900-1100

Discord server will be the main Reflex channel to meet with other players. Use PM to avoid global spam or use the #pickups-na side-channel.

GAMETYPE: Duel 1v1

SLOTS: No limit

FORMAT: Double Elimination 10 minute games best of 3 with 2 minute overtimes




  • The Catalyst (blue – thct7)
  • Furnace (dp5)
  • Pocket Infinity (thct2)
  • Fortune (421)
  • Static Discharge
  • Simplicity
  • Ruin

General Rules:

Default duel mode currently in the game using the experimental ruleset (no item timers).

Unsporting behavior may be penalized.
Any attempt to bypass the rule set will result in disqualification from the cup.

Be autonomous, contact your opponent, play your match, report the score on the Challonge webpage.

Fake nicks will be removed from the tournament.

Map Picking system :

Seeds (determined by Kev! and previous KoA events) will determine the map picking order.

  • Higher seed drops a map from the pool,
  • Lower seed drops a map from the pool,
  • Higher seed drops a map from the pool,
  • Lower seed drops a map from the pool,
  • Higher seed picks a map from the remaining Map Pool,
  • Lower seed picks a different map from the remaining Map Pool,
  • if a 3rd map is required, the last remaining map in the pool will be played.

Servers/non American players :
No unauthorized spectators will be allowed on the servers unless players agree on spectators
Any server can be used as long as both opponents agree. Fairness first, if fighting outside of America – players will agree or American soil trumps the unreasonable, however – the American dueler must choose a server that is most fair for their opponent. America includes North America, South America and Latin America.

Admins :

Last tourney: 1st place: Thump4, 2nd place: lolograde, 3rd place: Santile, 4th place: Hoyt

Final Results

1st – Necrophag1st
2nd – Ramagan
3rd – Thump4
4th – sohFC
5th – hoyt98, Motfy
7th – Jankygoatsmugla, sulit