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Reflex 0.46.2

Some improvements and fixes to make build release 0.46 better! We have returned the Stake Launcher in the ruleset ‘Experimental_stake’! Please test this ruleset and let us know how you feel about the changes. The ruleset will replace Bolt Rifle spawns with Stake Launcher spawns, so existing maps will not have to be modified in order to test.

We’ve also added global and the top leader boards to training mode. See how you match up against your friends and the world!


  • Increased length of sv_startruleset (so you can use experimental_stake)
  • Spawn system will no-longer fall back to fully random if all spawns had LOS from an enemy
  • Added r_shadow_resolution 0/1 to allow higher resolution for spotlight shadows, added option to Menu
  • Added a bit of smarts to the LOD system


  • Added global + top leaderboards to training mode
  • Added leaderboards to training menu (selected via dropdown on top right)
  • EntityShootable’s (the targets) now have a meleetype.
  • EntityShootable’s and EntityTurret’s hits/misses are now counted towards stats on scoreboard (note: stats from race/training are NOT used to calculate your general stats in the profile->statistics screen)


  • Reduced grenade launcher first person weapon roll
  • Removed some ioncannon flare particles when impacting players
  • Added LODs: shotgun, grenade launcher, ioncannon, rocket launcher, additional ammo pickups lod2 (for shadows)


  • Fixed typo “quality” -> “qualify”
  • Friends menu “Join” button is now only visible if server is properly contactable (i.e. server has ports forwarded)
  • Friends menu “Join” button is now disabled if the server is full.

Bit of a quick overhaul to the sound system. Now has better attenuation for sounds. Additionally has audio occlusion (kept fairly subtle for gameplay sake).
As a result, every sound for the game has had to be adjusted, bare with us as some might still need further iterations and tweaks, but overall there is much more spatial awareness and positional audio occuring.

  • Revised sound: bolt rifle idle hum
  • Revised sound: ioncannon idle hum


  • Stake launcher: Fixed popping on players when shooting a stake into a surface they’re standing on
  • Shotgun: now has center pellet in experimental mode
  • Stake launcher: reload was 1100 now 1250, projectile speed was 3000 now 3750, projectile gravity was 600 now 700, projectile damage was 100 now 110
  • Plasma Rifle: kb was 0.425 now 0.45, self kb was 2.21 now 2.0, air kb was 2.125 now 1.5
  • Rocket Launcher: explosion radius was 120 now 115, air kb was 1.5 now 1.0
  • Ioncannon: air kb was 1.7 now 1.5