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Reflex 0.46.3

Today we’re releasing a small point release to help tie off build 0.46. Check out the changes below!


  • r_shadow_resolution now goes up to 2 for 1024 shadows
  • Reduced max shadow map count, levels seem to be using a more sensible number of light shadows now
  • Callvote restart will now pull extra players out of game (fixes issue in training + 1v1)
  • Hid dev trim materials from map editor
  • Publishing maps with all gamemodes enabled on your map will now report error: “too many gamemodes selected in worldspawn”



  • Lowered vertical knockback
  • Ioncannon: knockback ground & air now 1.7
  • Plasmarifle: reduced air knockback (was 1.5, now 1.0)
  • Rocket: splash radius 120 (was 115)



  • Pickup spawn sounds won’t play on level initialise anymore
  • Removed sound system LPF, needs further looking at
  • Reduced boltrifle idle hum sound (avoid clipping)
  • Tweaked ioncannon idle hum
  • Increased mega pickup/expire sound range (was 1300ish, now 4096)
  • Increased resist pickup/expire sound range (was 1300ish, now 4096)
  • Increased rocket fly sound sound range (was 128 now 512)
  • Increased plasma cell sound sound range (was 64 now 256)