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Reflex 0.47.2

Another quick point release. This point release’s main features includes the infamous wallclipping (which is enabled in experimenal ruleset). We’re really wanting to hear feedback on this and whether people would like it to stay.

We’ve also been working with the experimental plus guys and adding a bunch of vars to assist with their experimental play.

edit: it’s been pointed out that wallclipping is breaking head bumping, i’ll fix this in .3  thanks!


  • added wallclipping, enabled in all experimental rulesets


  • explosed player.inventoryHead, player.inventoryLegs, player.inventoryArms, player.inventoryTorso variables

Experimental Plus:

  • Rockets, cells, pellets, bolt, grenades now all have separate trace vs world/entities. The idea is we can make hitting the player slightly easier/harder without having projectiles hit corners you wouldn’t expect
  • Added gconsts gconst_burstgun_startammo, gconst_shotgun_pellet_trace_radius_world, gconst_shotgun_pellet_trace_radius_entities, gconst_grenade_trace_radius_world, gconst_grenade_trace_radius_entities, gconst_cell_trace_radius_world, gconst_cell_trace_radius_entities, gconst_rocket_trace_radius_world, gconst_rocket_trace_radius_entities, gconst_beam_trace_radius_entities, gconst_beam_trace_radius_world, gconst_bolt_trace_radius_entities, gconst_bolt_trace_radius_world

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug: IC turret didn’t use to reload (just fired every frame! :))
  • Fixed bug: ChatLog.lua error when localplayer == nil (happened on connect)
  • Removed loadscreen tooltip
  • Updated loadscreen tooltip