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Reflex 0.47.3

Getting towards the end of 47 point releases. This one adds extra info to the server browser, and sets the bullet hitbox & wallclipping to be used in all rulesets. There are also a few bug fixes.


  • Significantly increased level cap
  • Game no-longer loads .pak files inside addons, please don’t use pak files in addons
  • Match Picker Dialog filter now defaults to “Staff Picks”. Selected filter is saved to game.cfg
  • Player bullet hitbox is now in all rulesets
  • Wallclipping is now in all rulesets

Bug fixes:

  • 47.2 (accidentally) introduced client-side-predicted bolt impacts vs players, and it’s not 100% accurate. Removing this, the player impact needs to be server verified.
  • Wallclipping now only effectx X+Z axis – this fixes head bumping
  • Fixed bug where replays from 47.1 would crash
  • Addon widgets that override standard widgets are now properly sorted into their addon group in the UI


  • Server now pushes rules to steam (timeLeft, ruleset, gameState)
  • Server browser: can now hide old protocol servers
  • Server browser: now see mutators in server list
  • Server browser: hover window now display server rules, player list + mutator list
  • re_seek_to will now block and finish loading up to the specified timecode (rather than just failing)
  • Added com_logclearonstart (allows you to append to log files when set to 0)

Experimental plus:

  • Exposed movement constants: gconst_jump_velocity, gconst_double_jump_velocity, gconst_playeronground_speed, gconst_playeronground_acceleration, gconst_playeronground_friction, gconst_playerinair_aircontrol, gconst_playerinair_bunny_accelerate, gconst_playerinair_bunny_wishspeed, gconst_playerinair_acceleration, gconst_playerinair_decceleration, gconst_world_gravity, exposed gconst_playerongroundcrouched_speed, gconst_playerinaircrouched_acceleration