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Reflex League VODs

Its been a few weeks since the Reflex League has started. If you missed some of matches or want to check it out again, I have put a list of some videos of the played matches together. Thank you to the people that have helped organised, casted and streamed.

You can check out the current standings of all the players involved on the Reflex League Website.

Em7sus4 Twitch

Danskq vs Santile Div1, EU, Week 2
Kyto vs Lunokhod-2 Div1, EU, week 3
Kyto vs Danksq

Ckap YouTube:

nvs vs Delemy Diventar Div2 
nvs vs Jankygoatsmugla 
nvs vs Jankygoatsmugla (actual maps edition)

FractalJaguar Twitch

Danskq vs gaiia Div1

FractalJaguar YouTube

Jaguar vs Snowy Skum game 1 – Pocket Infinity
Jaguar vs Snowy Skum game 2 – Simplicity
Jaguar vs Snowy Skum game 3 – Furnace
League Game vs dreAm – Furnace
Jaguar vs HonkyTonk – Furnace with commentary
Jaguar vs promyy Div 5A – Furnace
Jaguar vs Jambo – Abandoned Shelter
Jaguar vs Jambo – Pocket Infinity
Jaguar vs Jambo – Catalyst

def TV YouTube

pRosodik vs phemocky Div6a

Chortas YouTube

chortas vs gnsh0t Div1, Asia, Week 1
Alva vs chortas Div1, Asia, Week 3
chortas vs shoushi Div1, Asia Week 5
chortas vs gnsh0t Div1, Asia, Week 5


Replays can also be found by the Reflex League Website

I will keep updating the list as I get a hold of more links. Thank you!

Updated 24/1/17