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Reflex 0.49.0 – Matchmaking refinements

Matchmaking was released with a blast. We’ve had over 10,000 games played in just 2 weeks!

The focus of this build is to directly improve on our first pass matchmaking implementation with our observations made the community feedback we have received.


Matchmaking: Vote system


  • We have re-worked the map voting system to a pick/drop solution where you cannot see your opponents vote until vote time is over
  • We wanted to keep the 3 random map selection still, but we do agree with giving the power to down rank a map, and have this map not played. So your down vote will out-rank the opponents up vote.
  • With larger groups the voting is cumulative, so be strategic when voting as a party!


Matchmaking: Spectate games


  • People want to be able to watch active MM games (and so do we!). We’ve made this possible, and even added it as a tile to the home menu!
  • Spectators can only talk with other spectators, to ensure the people playing are not interrupted.


Matchmaking: Party support


  • We’ve added party support! So you can now grab your friend and queue up in the fun
  • Party chat is available in menu of course. You can also party chat in game via sayparty (default bind U).


Matchmaking: Lobby now optional

  • We’ve added a lobby checkbox on the Quickplay screen so people can chose to go play other things while they wait for the matchmaking queue to pop!
  • We also re-positioned the overlay so it wouldn’t overlap game time widgets since you can play other games while in queue.


Matchmaking: Backend changes

  • We have re-structured how data is stored behind the scenes to split regions into US/EU etc
  • This is an ongoing process that’s setting things up for the near future
  • MMR has been reset as a result.


Matchmaking: Servers

  • Added Brazil servers
  • Russian servers have moved location to hopefully provide better pings


UI improvements:

  • Health bar widget: added options from armour bar
  • Server browser: added option to sort servers by hostname
  • Server browser: restored “show old” option
  • Added prev/next page button to addon browser
  • MMR values now refreshed when going to main menu to ensure they’re up-to-date on profile tile overlay
  • Updated twitter link in home menu


Art improvements:

  • Thicker MH pickup trails for improved visibility
  • Reduced IC impact sparks amount and size
  • Fixed bone orientation for adjustable wrench and pipe wrench
  • Armour mesh changed to hostile torso


Game improvements:

  • Disable previously set mutators when starting training from the menu
  • Added mutator: infinite ammo
  • Removed weapon hum in instagib mutator
  • Can no longer forfeit on racemode
  • Added enemy sounds (thanks Greed)
  • Added new keybind mark replay, defaults to M
  • Added new loading tip: “Remember to hit ‘Mark Replay’ in your matchmaking games, you might be famous!”,
  • Added new loading tip: “Matchmaking replays can be found at”


Lua changes:

  • Log type notification now has subtypes: generic, party, pickup
  • Log type chat now has additional subtype: party


Bug fixes:

  • Game now clamps cl_playercolor* to safe ranges
  • Fixed potential crash bug when matchmaking popup times out & user is disconnected