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Reflex 0.49.1

This update includes several bug fixes + optimisations. It also includes the addition of a time penalty for leaving matchmaking games early.


We’ve had some feedback recently with regards to people leaving matchmaking games early. This ruins the experience for the other player. To combat this we’ve added a time penalty if you don’t play your game the whole way through. The forfeit option is still there and should be used if you concede defeat. If you forfeit there is no time penalty.


Matchmaking Improvements:

  • Can now only forfeit after > 2mins and losing by > +5points
  • If you quit a game in progress, you now incur a time penalty.
  • Leaving lobby no-longer removes you from MM queue
  • Disconnecting from server no-longer removes you from MM queue
  • If you disconnect from a MM game you were playing in, it will still remove you from MM queue
  • Added MM spinning icon next to “Quick Play” to help show that MM queue is still going
  • Timer says “Lobby” instead of “Warmup” when in lobby
  • Detailed match results now sent to masterserver on end of game
  • Added new Russian server in Novosibirsk
  • Added new EU server in Berlin



  • Added seconds to replay file name
  • Reduced suicide delay to 2 seconds (from 5) in race mode


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed default bind for cl_replay_marker to be ‘M’
  • UI now only informs you that leaving will count as a loss in a MM game if you’re actually playing
  • Fixed crash on command line +play blah.rep
  • Fixed rich presense text to be correct when in lobby as party
  • Fixed bug where party leaders would remain in queue when members left



  • Fixed spatial coherency optimisation between player steps. should greatly reduce CPU load on client+server.




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