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Reflex Ru Cup #7

By w96k

The background image is a vectorized screenshot of Ruin made by @promEUs

Reflex-RU Cup #7
We hadn’t any cup for a while. Russian guys, who came to reflex from cpm, had decided to come back to “roots” and renamed our old Reflex-Ru channel to Promode-Ru channel. After a few months I and some ru reflex folks recreated the Reflex-Ru Channel and now we have a “bit” less players than before. Our tournaments are small and quite noobish, but we’re looking forward to make them regular. We’re looking for the ways to involve new russian players to our community. The last tournament was at September 2016. I was a bit off from reflex community, but went back after a few months when saw changing the reflex channel to promode.

We decided to stay with previous map-pool and change the platform from challonge to [good system of donations + this platform is used only by russians].

Sorry for my broken english. Also we need english-speaking caster to stream our event to english-speaking guys who would watch this.


Date: 25.02.2017 16:00 msk gmt+3


@chortas [ /] [Ru]

We need english-speaking caster, if u can stream our event, pm me.

System: double elimination bo3, Loser Bracket bo1, Loser Bracket Final bo3, grandfinal bo5

Ruleset: Competitive

Map-pool: The Catalyst [t7], Static Discharge, Pocket Infinity [t2], Ruin, Simplicity [dm13]

Picking the map: /roll 100;


W: Roll winner
L: Roll loser

bo3 – Drop[L]-Drop[W]-Pick[W]-Pick[L]-Decider
bo1 – Drop[W]-Drop[L]-Drop[L]-Drop[W]-Decider
Finals bo5 – Pick[W] (This map won’t be played and is won by the WB Winner)-Pick[L]-Pick[W]-Pick[L]-Decider

Servers: Moscow Reflex Ru #1, #2 servers

~ $20

Thanks for the donations to: 

You can donate to prize pool anytime, would appreciate that. To do that, contact @w96k in discord or use goodgame’s donation system.

Click to “Пополнить” and choose Paypal option to donate. U should register to be in the list of donators, but u can donate as anon as well.

Reflex-Ru Discord channelReflex-RU
If you decided to learn Russian


More info on the forum page