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EU CTF Draft Cup: Zombie Edition

By Pill_

So with launch and matchmaking and the slight resurgence in playerbase, I decided this would be a good moment to try to get another draft going! The aim of this cup is to give old players a reminder of why they used to !add up for days and to give new players a taste of a great and underappreciated gamemode.



  • Saturday, 25th of March (25-03-2017)
  • checkins: 18:00 CET
  • Draft: 19:00 CET
  • Cup start: 19:15 CET




Double elim, bo3 throughout, pick-pick,


  • Monolith
  • Spider Crossings
  • TBD

Minimum player count:



What’s a Draft Cup?

Basically, at the start of the cup, a number of team captains will take turns picking players for their team from everybody who signed up for the cup. Then these temporary teams compete against each other to see who’s the best. The benefit of this format is that the teams will be much more balanced.


Wait, captains?

Captain is just a nice word for “guy who picks his team”. That’s it.


Why should I play?

First off, CTF is fun! It’s got fast paced action, high speed chases, clutch flag returns, high octane quad runs, last minute captures and teamwork is OP. Secondly, the gamemode has been struggling in Reflex (and that’s putting it mildly). Playing in this cup is a great way to help the community kickstart some interest in it again.


OK I’m convinced, but I’m new and I’m afraid I’m not good enough yet

You don’t need to be! CTF is a great way to learn the game. It’s a team game, so the learning curve is much less harsh than 1v1 and you can learn from your teammates. Another advantage of CTF is that you can train specific skills in a more targeted manner than in duel. You wanna get better rails? Go play forward defender and have at it. You wanna improve your movement? Attacker it is.


Yea but I bet all these old gods are gonna crush me and then my team is gonna flame me

This isn’t Overwatch. Flaming somebody for playing badly doesn’t really happen in the Reflex CTF community (to quote CTF regular Owl: “worst it got was xero sighing really hard and being a bit stern”). We’re all adults here and I don’t expect anybody will take this cup too seriously anyway (at most you’re playing for pride).


The post says EU, I’m in NA, can I still play?

Sure, as long you don’t mind the ping disadvantage.


Do I have to use a mic?

No. Will your team be better if you use a mic? Absolutely. If for whatever reason you cannot use a mic, please bind the following:

  • bind game [KEY] sayteam HIGH HIGH HIGH
  • bind game [KEY] sayteam LOW LOW LOW
  • bind game [KEY] sayteam QUAD QUAD QUAD

Regardless if you have a mic or not, you have to be in the voice comms channel, if only to listen in.


I will update this post with some rules and some new player resources soon ™



For more information, follow the forums post 



Our winners are team Goats (memphis, panppu, warlord wossman and sharqosity)!

Download the replays here, watch the cast here and watch the winning team’s pov here