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LAN-Slide v19.0

LAN-slide is South East Melbourne Australia, largest LAN Party. Each LAN party is scheduled once every school holiday period where over 250 gamers attend of all ages. This year in the upcoming event LAN-slide v19.0 – Autumn, Reflex Arena will be included in one of the tournaments offered. 

LAN-slide v19.0 will be held on Saturday April 8th 2017 from 10:00 AM to Sunday Aptril 9th 2017 8:00 AM. The venue is at Aspendale Gardens Community Centre.


  • Bring your own PC: $25 (covers half a 1.8m folding table, access to Ethernet, access to electricity and entry to tournaments)
  • Spectators: Free (a free wireless hotspot and Telstra Air are in range)

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