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NA Dojo Duel Cup

By Dev

Date and Time: 4/2/2017 3:00pm EST


Prize pool:

  • $25 – dev

Donations are welcome!

Map Pool:

  • Simplicity -by Tehace

  • The Catalyst -by Tehace & promEUs

  • Pocket Infinity -by Tehace

  • 421 -by Ammaccabanane & Greed

  • Furnace -by Def

Picking is done by roll, lowest gets first ban (ban, ban, pick, pick, tie-breaker).


This tournament is strictly for bringing the community together and to help one another to have fun and learn duel. If you have questions ask away in the discord or on this post. Please remember to play with good sportsmanship, good luck and have fun.



  • Signup here on challonge!
  • You must be in The Dojo Discord found here. This is done to help locate and match the players.

  • Discord / Challonge / in-game name must be the same or similar.



  • You will have to check-in on the Challonge bracket. If you fail to check-in on time, the Challonge website will remove you from the tournament. Check-ins will start a ½ hour before the tournament begins. The tournament is not affected by players signing up and missing the tournament. Feel free to sign-up for any tournaments regardless if you know you can make it or not.

  • Tournament admins will announce when the bracket is final and the tournament has started in the The Dojo discord channel. When this is announced, refresh your Challonge bracket. An admin will contact you and your opponent and will give you an IP address to connect to.

  • BE AUTONIMOUS – After you’ve completed your series, make sure to enter the scores on the Challonge bracket. If there is any disputes contact an admin immediately

  • A connection test is highly recommended before starting a series.



  • Play on the servers provided, or if agreed upon you may choose your own.
  • Players are expected to behave in a reasonable and respectable manner. Players may be disqualified, suspended or possibly banned from future tournaments for not doing so.

  • If you were to ever get disconnected in the middle of a match, you will automatically forfeit the current match. Opposing players may allow to restart the disconnected match if they agree to do so. Disconnections should be immediately reported to a tournament admin.

  • The tournament is double elimination. All players will have the chance to compete in a minimum of two series.

  • All series will be played in a best two out of three format. Grand finals will be a best of five.

  • Map selection will begin with a roll in console, lowest roll wins first ban (Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick). After two stages are chosen the tie breaker will be the final stage left in the pool.



If you have any questions or issues, contact a Reflex Dojo Admin in discord or on steam. Feel free to give your feedback, I want to make this tournament good for everyone involved. 

Steam info:

Check out the forum post for more information.


1st Place: Ramagan
2nd Place: Ckap
3rd Place: DazedSpartan


Thanks to dev_vg for streaming