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Reflex 1.0.4 — All the hot fixes

The new launch excitement has come and is still going! On launch day, as ready as ever, the team were on standby to help, direct and debug any problems that would have come up. Shooter did a great job with all the hot  fixes that need to be done on that day.


By Shooter

Hi Everybody!

Has been an eventful few days, there has been lots of quick hot fixes going out to address critical issues. If you’re curious the change-log is below:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed few menu.lua issues (changing resolution via UI, score in TRAINING -> bots on steam timeout)
  • Added protection for potential crash in client inventory (few crash reports in reporting same issue here)
  • Sound sub mixes (aka new effects / music channels) now correctly use full channel count (rather than always 2), fixes issues on 7.1 setups



General improvements:

  • Player info is no-longer hidden in replays
  • Removed load tip: “Thank you for supporting us during Early Access!”
  • Removed load tip: “Your friends should buy Reflex”