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Proving Grounds

Hey guys,

With 1.1 we are adding a new competitive playlist to Match Making – Proving Grounds.

At this stage, it will be for 1v1 maps only, this is mainly due to the fact of the current large backlog of potentially good 1v1 maps available. We will look to expand this to 2v2/CTF etc soon.

This will be a playlist featuring new and upcoming maps to test their potential to enter the official map pool for upcoming seasons. Full Match Making Rank and CP awards are available in the Proving Grounds – we want to encourage play, testing and feedback.

Each round of maps will run for a 1 month cycle. All picks + drops will be recorded with the results shown at the end of each cycle. Top maps from each cycle will be collected and voted on by the community before they take a place in the next seasons map pool.

Authors of selected maps that make it to the official map pool will be rewarded with special unique personalized customization options (will be able to discuss with devs).

For the initial cycle, we’ll kick it off with a selection of maps based on community buzz to get this feature rolling immediately. For future cycles, we’ll start threads and put the call out, do votes etc. to narrow it down and get you all involved more.

To access the Proving Grounds, simply go to find a Match Making game like you would normally, and tick “Proving Grounds“. If selected, you will be matched against others that want to play in the Proving Grounds map pool.


In no particular order, these are the first cycle of maps:

Sanctum by Promeus –

Immortal Share by KovaaK –

Quickfire by Greed –

The Pandemonium [thct1] by Tehace & Arkcoss –

Calendar by Terifire & fht & def –

xy7 by Xytaglyph –

Fata Morgana by Terifire –

Abandoned Shelter [clean] –


Note: We don’t endorse clean versioning of levels, however in this case we’re purely curious to see how gameplay and popularity goes.


Please use this thread to provide any feedback with the maps. Also feel free to discuss potential candidates for future proving grounds cycles.