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Reflex 1.1.1 hotfixes

Hello humans! (and other species so we don’t offend)

We’ve put together a bunch of hotfixes for you. There’s more under the hood that accompanies these as usual, but you get the idea..



  • Carnage pickup sound is heard again (now clamped to 4 seconds — ours is 3.7)
  • cl_playercolorX is now blocked when not in menu
  • cl_player<inventory> cvars are now blocked when not in menu
  • Player name now flood protected
  • Drop in support now preserves existing player states in arena games
  • Fixed issue where in arena1v1, game would end if a playing player left (while there were queued people that could come in next round)



  • Added: MapAutoSave widget! Intervals and backup counts configurable in options
  • Replay editor: now properly stays visible in edit mode
  • Replay editor: can no-longer select spectators in replays
  • Accelmeter: added race mode/training mode only options
  • Proving grounds now includes on/off/both options (so now you can queue for both proving grounds and standard map pools)