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eHero Feature Fim Release


The long awaited movie eHero is out now! eHero features Reflex Arena as the video game used for the tournaments, which Tyler and his team competes in.

Plot: After getting recruited at a local video game tournament, 22-year-old Tyler Conway is catapulted to the major leagues overnight. Suddenly he’s living in a high stakes world, competing in a global arena, and confidently leading his team on a path to glory. But as his plans begin to unravel, Tyler has to confront his own personal demons in order to have any chance of victory at all.

Special mention:
Director is Joseph Procopio
Casts includes Sean Astin, Chloe Rose, Greg Hovanessian and Michael Boisvert.

At the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival the film was awarded the “Special Jury Award” for “Best First Feature Film” and Greg won the Best Actor award.

“eHero” has been officially released on most Canadian and American Video On Demand online platforms! The following links are to purchase “eHero” on services such as: iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, DirectTV, Verizon, etc! “eHero” has also been accepted by companies: DISH, Sony, Vubiquity and Comcast; for release shortly!

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