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Matchmaking Playlists

So with the Matchmaking release there have been many questions about what exactly the playlists are, and what map pools are in them etc. In this post I’ll attempt to lay it out in a clean way (there’s a fair bit of info). Please note this is a first pass, we’re very much looking for

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Reflex League VODs

Its been a few weeks since the Reflex League has started. If you missed some of matches or want to check it out again, I have put a list of some videos of the played matches together. Thank you to the people that have helped organised, casted and streamed. You can check out the current

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Reflex 0.47.5

Another quick point release, about time to start on 48! Bug Fixes: Fixed bug where shotgun shots fired wasn’t recording properly Fixed bug where melee attached on back received decals from explosions Fixed: hatchet melee’s attachment bone orientation -Shooter

Reflex 0.47.4

Quick point release to fix a last minute wall clipping issue! Bug fixes: Fixed issue where jumping onto ramp would launch you into outer space Art: Smooth normals pass on melees: hatchet, afps hatchet, supporter hatchet -Shooter

Reflex 0.47.2

Another quick point release. This point release’s main features includes the infamous wallclipping (which is enabled in experimenal ruleset). We’re really wanting to hear feedback on this and whether people would like it to stay. We’ve also been working with the experimental plus guys and adding a bunch of vars to assist with their experimental play.