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Reflex Monthly Cups Mon 6/11/2017

Announcing the Reflex Monthly Cups!

Reflex has been in need of a more established competitive scene for some time. Competing at a high level in any game requires time and dedication. The goal of the Reflex Monthly Cups is to give those who have the drive to compete in duel the guarantee that their commitment will be rewarded. Our goal is not to provide two tournaments or ten tournaments, but to provide a sustainable framework for competitive and dependable Reflex duel tournaments that will continue as long as there is demand and people willing to organize them.
Our target is to hold one tournament every two weeks, alternating between NA and EU.

In other words: one duel tournament every 4 weeks for each region.
RMC is a purely volunteer effort, but we will do our best to consistently meet this goal.


gently week 3v3 Atdm Tournament Thu 27/04/2017

By Gently

Game Type: 3v3 atdm
Date : May 1st, 2017
Starting Time : 15:00 CET
Signup close at 13.00 CET
Checkin start at 14.00 CET



Map pool: Overkill, Ascension, Bazinga, sepulcrum, campgrounds

– competitive ruleset
– Bo3
-/roll 100, highest number wins, winner ban – loser ban – winner pick – loser pick – last map is tiebreaker

NA Dojo Duel Cup Wed 29/03/2017

By Dev

Date and Time: 4/2/2017 3:00pm EST


Prize pool:

  • $25 – dev

Donations are welcome! (more…)

Doubles Draft Cup Wed 29/03/2017

By CrazyAl

On the 8th of April at 14:00 CEST I will be hosting a Doubles Draft Cup in eu.png Europe.

Players of any region and skill level can sign up here: (more…)

Russian Newbie Cup #1 Wed 22/03/2017

By W96k


EU CTF Draft Cup: Zombie Edition Tue 14/03/2017

By Pill_

So with launch and matchmaking and the slight resurgence in playerbase, I decided this would be a good moment to try to get another draft going! The aim of this cup is to give old players a reminder of why they used to !add up for days and to give new players a taste of a great and underappreciated gamemode.


dp5 Masters Wed 8/03/2017

By def

March 17, 2017 at 6:00 PM CET

dp5 masters


LAN-Slide v19.0 Tue 7/03/2017

LAN-slide is South East Melbourne Australia, largest LAN Party. Each LAN party is scheduled once every school holiday period where over 250 gamers attend of all ages. This year in the upcoming event LAN-slide v19.0 – Autumn, Reflex Arena will be included in one of the tournaments offered.  (more…)

2017-3-11 | EU DUBS CUP Thu 2/03/2017

By CrazyAl

On the 11th of March at 13:00 GMT @S°I and I will be hosting a Doubles tournament in eu.png Europe. Pre-made teams can sign-up on Challonge!




Donate(paypal only):

Donators: @S°I


  • Double Elimination
  • All matches Bo3, finals 2x Bo3 if needed

Maps & Picking

Ironguard, Phobos, Thermal Blast.

  • All matches are pick, pick.
  • Both teams will use ‘roll 100’ in console.
  • The highest roll decides which team picks first.
    • The Winner Bracket finalists will pick first in finals.


  • At least one player from every team must join our Discord server in order to be contacted by admins or other teams.
  • Competitive ruleset will be used for this cup, utilizing any other ruleset will disqualify both teams.
  • Be autonomous, contact your opponents, play your match, report the score to discord or admins.
  • Tardiness will lead to potential disqualification, make sure to show up to your match within 10 minutes of match announcement.
  • Unsporting behavior (excessive trash talk, rage quit, grieving) will disqualify you.
  • Don’t be a fucking dick.


Admin: sca.png@CrazyAlus.png@S°I.

Links: Discord, Bracket.



Winners: Sandels team – gaila, Danskq


Reflex Ru Cup #7 Fri 24/02/2017

By w96k